Our Story

Asian-Caribbean rum first sparked as an idea by our Chief Rum Officer & Founder - Jarek Iwanowski, in the spring of 2021. With over 26 years of experience in the food & beverage industry, Jarek put all his passion and knowledge about spirits and flavours across Asian and European continents together.

Exploring complexity and hundreds of years of rum history, he sourced and pulled the trigger on creating a spirit that would unite and bring together the taste of two worlds and cultures - on the ethos of balancing the old and the new.

House of Cane is developed by blending only naturally aged premium rums, with every rum used in the blend expressing a distinct character of their origin country. Our signature flagship rum is derived of a blend from Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Panama, Venezuela, and Thailand. We then tie the traditions from these blends into a single bottle - the House of Cane.

With mighty support from industry friends, Jarek was able to bring his idea to life in autumn of 2022, with the founder personally having a hand in producing every bottle. Whether that's carefully selecting blends - from the Single Cask Finish or the Single Barrel Collection - we source and procure only the best quality rums which bring out the character of each local origin.

Our team is dedicated to delivering honest, uncompromised, quality rums. Good rums come from nature - which means no sugar, colorants, caramel, or artificial flavours.

Needless to say, rum is part of our lifestyle, and we love sharing our careful craft with you.